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Bridgnorth Cemetery


Bridgnorth Cemetery is situated approximately one mile north-east of Bridgnorth Town Centre, on the A442. It is a secluded area that is open daily to the public. Car parks are available throughout the Cemetery.


The Cemetery dates from 1850 and is a beautiful sandstone area which has been designated an area of Special Scientific Interest. Approximately 120 species of wild flowers can be found on this site, and information boards are widely available. There is a strict management plan for the cemetery which has been produced by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust in order to ensure the continuing wildlife presence.


Local Primary School children have planted thousands of spring bulbs, particularly in the newly extended woodland area. Vast areas of crocus bulbs can be seen in the older part of the Cemetery.

Please click the link below for Cemetery Fees 2017/2018.

Cemetery Fees and Regulations - 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

Map of Bridgnorth Cemetery

No work can be carried out in Bridgnorth Cemetery without legal paperwork being obtained first.  Only the owner of Exclusive Right of Burial to a burial plot has the automatic right to be buried in the plot that they 'own', only the owner can request that the plot be opened to have someone else buried in, only the owner can request that a memorial be placed upon the plot and only the owner can request that an additional inscription be added to an existing memorial.  Following the demise of the owner it would be necessary to transfer the ownership to someone else before any of the above requests could be considered.  Please note however that the pre-purchase of grave plots has been temporarily suspended.  This decision,which was made by Town Council at their meeting on 4 September 2018, will be subject to an ongoing review.

The following will give you more information about ownership of Exclusive Right of Burial to a plot:

Notes explaining the purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial @ September 2018

Information regarding the transfer of ownership can be obtained from the Town Council offices.

All enquiries for the Cemetery should be directed during office hours to Lynn Gardner.

Bridgnorth Town Council
College House
St Leonard's Close
WV16 4EJ

Telephone: 01746 762231

Email: [email protected]