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Bridgnorth Town Plan

The last version of the Bridgnorth Town Plan was completed in 2012. An independent Steering Group has recently been formed to lead a revision of the Town Plan, with the support of local organisations, including the Town Council and adjacent Parish Councils.

You can find more information at https://bridgnorthtownplan.weebly.com.

The Town Plan will provide a vision for the future of Bridgnorth and the surrounding area, giving a framework within which relevant organisations can collaborate and provide the required infrastructure and services. Responsibility for provision will remain with the appropriate bodies, such as Shropshire Council, parish councils, the NHS, the emergency services and landowners.

It will be produced in three phases:

  1. Production of a discussion document that will summarise the issues facing the town and some potential solutions. This should be available in October 2019. It will be neither final nor complete and is intended to provide a basis for the next phase, providing a basis for consultation.
  2. Consultation with residents and local businesses. This will be through a combination of community meetings and an on-line survey, between October 2019 and early 2020.
  3. Completion of the Town Plan during 2020.

How to get involved

It’s far better to help define the future needs of your town than to complain after Shropshire Council has published proposals that you don’t like.

Join one of the working groups that have been established to consider a number of important issues – see the web site for details. If you want to get involved, contact the steering group via the ‘Contact’ page on the above website.

The steering group also needs assistance with PR and communications, and with identifying sources of funding that would help the vision to be implemented.

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