Bridgnorth Town Council has always been committed to the remedial works on the retaining wall at the Castle Walk and understands the current delays in completing these works are frustrating for all parties, residents, businesses in both Low Town and High Town and visitors to the Town.

The delay in restarting has been due to the Town Council waiting for legal documents to be signed by the operator before the continuation of the remedial works could occur. The ownership of the land and the number of legal documents that cover this area of the Castle Walk are complicated and the Town Council took the decision in December 2022 to engage with and have these reviewed by a specialist legal team to ensure that the correct course of action would be taken to limit liability for all those parties involved in this project.

The Town Council took the decision to start the remedial works to reduce the length of time the Cliff Railway was out of action. The first stage of the project was completed with the full backing of the operator, and this included legal documents being signed to proceed.

Bridgnorth Town Council is still waiting for written confirmation to continue the works on the next stage of the retaining wall at the Castle Walk.

The Town Council has been in discussions with Shropshire Council regarding the road closure at the Castle Walk, and the impact this has had on the community. Therefore, the Castle Walk is being partially opened today (August 1st) This will allow limited access along the Castle Walk, but the site office still remains in place and fencing is being positioned to funnel walkers through the area.

Bridgnorth Town Council has had reassurances from the contractor, Garvey’s, that as soon as the legal documentation is in place, they will return to site to continue with the remedial works.

The Town Council is very conscious of the fact that costs continue to rise while the issues remain unresolved – it is very keen to move forward as quickly as possible and hopes that further talks, planned for later this week, help in this process.

Clare Turner, Town Clerk said, ‘The Town Council is very conscious of the on-going costs which continue to raise, while the issues remain unresolved’.

Editors Information:
Bridgnorth Town Council is administered from its offices at College House, St Leonard’s Close, Bridgnorth under the leadership of the Town Clerk.
The Town Council has sixteen members who represent the four wards of the town, namely Castle Ward, East Ward, West Ward and Morfe Ward in an equal distribution.
There are two meetings per month of the whole Council on the first and third Tuesday in each month (excluding August) at 7.15pm when the first fifteen minutes of each meeting is set aside to allow for questions from members of the public.

For further clarification or information please contact Clare Turner, Town Clerk. Tel : 01746 762231 or email: [email protected]

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