Bridgnorth Town Council Sets its Budget and Precept for 2023/24

Bridgnorth Town Council unanimously agreed to set the budget and Precept for year 2023/24.
The Town Council have been working for a number of months with Town Council officers and Councillors on the draft budget and precept which was formally agreed at the Town Council meeting held on the 17th January 2023.
The precept has been set at £723,978 this is an increase on last year’s precept of £39,678, the equivalent of a yearly increase of £6.06 or 4.04% on band D properties, this equates to a monthly increase of 51 pence.
During the budget setting process, the Town Council were very conscious of the current economic climate and the consequential hardships affecting their residents, so wanted to reassure its residents that every step had been taken to keep the increase to a minimum, while maintaining the services to be delivered for the community of Bridgnorth.
The Town Council will continue to deliver a range of services for its residents in 2023 / 2024. These include:
– Managing and Maintaining Severn Park
– Grounds Maintenance in areas / on land owned by Bridgnorth Town Council
-Market under the Town Hall
-Christmas Lights
-Continue working with the Royal British Legion for Remembrance Sunday
-Community Buildings which include the historical Town Hall, Castle Hall and Northgate
-Allotment site at Doctors Lane
-Burials and maintenance of the burial site
-Grants and support to local Community groups
-Building on the number of Community events
-Increase in the volunteer activity days
-Continuing with the CCTV provision for the safety and well being of residents, businesses and visitors
-Innage Lane Youth Centre and Provision
-Street and Footway lighting
-Maintenance of the Children’s Play provision at Crown Meadow, Severn Park and the Grove.
– Continue with the improvements within the parish of the biodiversity including the woodland trail at the Grove
– Continuing with Hanging Basket and Floral displays
– Continued maintenance of the Castle Grounds
– Maintenance of some Bus Shelters in the parish area
– Improved partnership working initiatives with local community groups, charities, and partners
– Continuing the provision of public toilets
The Town Council are currently planning their events programme for 2023/2024 this includes the re-start of the popular Teddy Bears Picnic in Castle Grounds; this event is being planned for July 2023.
Councillor Karen Sawbridge Mayor of Bridgnorth said ‘The Town Council deliver a lot of services for and within our community of Bridgnorth and we are happy to be able to continue to deliver these services, especially during these difficult economic times for our residents and businesses.’
Bridgnorth Town Council will continue to work and build on the strong partnership with Shropshire Council as a consultee for its community on all matters that affect their residents and community. These include the planned infrastructure projects and major investments, and planning initiatives within the parish area.