Temporary Closure of Bridgnorth Cliff Railway

Bridgnorth Town Council working in partnership with Bridgnorth Cliff Railway have made a decision to temporarily close the funicular railway. It is anticipated that this closure will be up until at least Easter 2023.
A structural defect in a retaining wall has been identified with a requirement for remedial works to be carried out. Bridgnorth Town Council will be working with specialist structural and civil engineers together with partner agencies over the next few months to ensure the works are carried out sympathetically in the conservation area with as little disruption as possible.
It is anticipated that once the remedial works begin there will be a need to close the Castle Walk for an unspecified period of time.
Both the Town Council and Bridgnorth Cliff Railway are aware of the impact this temporary closure will have on residents, businesses and visitors. However, it is hoped that the closure at this time of the year will have a minimum impact to those who use the cliff railway.
Councillor Karen Sawbridge, Mayor of Bridgnorth said, ‘We are so very proud of the Cliff Railway and its heritage within our community and the town of Bridgnorth. The Town Council want to ensure that any works completed secure the future enjoyment of residents and visitors to Bridgnorth who use this historical funicular railway’.
Dr Malvern Tipping, Director of The Bridgnorth Castle Hill Railway Company Limited said, ‘We are delighted that the Town Council is working in partnership with us to ensure the works identified will be carried out without delay and we will see the railway run for years to come’.
Bridgnorth Cliff Railway has been a key landmark in the town since it opened on the 7th of July 1892. It is unique in its design with an incline of 1:81 or 33.52° with a track measuring 201ft long and has a vertical rise of 111ft.