Green Doors this year is hugely ambitious. It’s covering several counties, Shropshire on Saturday 8th October, Powys on Saturday 15th, and Herefordshire throughout October. It will see some 50 properties opening their doors; a few of them are gorgeous new builds, but many are homes just like yours, but with some clever green technology, draught proofing, and lot and lots of insulation.


So what is Green Doors? It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about energy efficiency for the home, and the latest green technology, from homeowners who’ve taken the plunge and are reaping the benefits, in the form of lower energy bills, healthier more comfortable homes, and a lower carbon footprint. They’ll be opening their doors for you to visit, have a look around and ask any questions you have. So if you’ve wondered what an air source heat pump actually looks like, or how to fit insulation to the external walls of your house, now’s your chance to find out.


All of the details can be found on https://www.greenopenhomes.net/ where you can search for homes you’d be interested to visit by technology and by area.


This year Green Doors is part of a wider project called Future Ready Homes, run by a partnership of local green groups, Marches Energy Agency and Severn Wye Energy Agency. It’s all about energy efficiency and renewables in the home – so crucial as we face a mounting energy crisis and climate change. You can find out more here https://mea.org.uk/our-work/future-ready-homes/