Rugby Club Planning Application Supported by Town Council

Bridgnorth Town Council has announced its support for an application by Bridgnorth Rugby Club to build a new club house building and function room.

The application was revised following an earlier refusal of a similar application that sought to have two buildings.

The decision to support the application, at a meeting open to the public  at the Castle Hall, Bridgnorth,  was unanimous. Bridgnorth Town Council’s decision will now be considered by the  Shropshire Planning authority.

Councillors debated the merits of the application in front of a relatively large audience of members of the public.  The debate centred around the competing demands of protecting the green belt, the flooding issues that regularly arise in the area of the rugby Club and Severn Park and the improvement of the facility for the club users and the wider community.

Councillors noted that other agencies including the Environment Agency had proposed conditions on the development to mitigate the risk of flooding, encroachment on the green belt and potential of noise nuisance to neighbours.  In general, the councillors agreed that should those conditions be imposed as part of any approval for the application then they would support it.  Councillors also agreed that their support should be qualified by accompanying comments.

The record of the official decision of the Council and the accompanying comments can be found on the Town Council’s website.   https://www.bridgnorthtowncouncil.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2021/12/2021-12-21-Draft-Minutes-1-Town-Council.pdf