At their meeting held on 20th July, the Town Council received a presentation from the Environment Agency who briefed members on the Initial Assessment document produced by the EA in response to recent flooding events of the River Severn at Bridgnorth.

The Initial Assessment identified a number of potential measures to reduce the impact of flooding generally speaking, on a cost/benefit analysis basis, the conclusions (depending upon the 5 areas identified at risk within Bridgnorth) appeared to simply either ‘Do Nothing’ or else ‘Do Minimum’ (An option where the Operating Authority maintains existing assets maintenance and flood warning services.  For many places, this means patch & repair works of existing defenses).

The Assessment can be viewed below:

Bridgnorth Initial Assessment – May 2021

After the presentation, Members raised a number of queries and had the opportunity to ask questions.

It was hoped that a local Flood Action Group could be set up, facilitated by the Environment Agency.