At a meeting on Tuesday 20th July 2021, Bridgnorth Town Council agreed to a Tree Planting Scheme on the Crown Meadow in Bridgnorth (between Victoria Road and Innage Lane and adjacent to AFC, Bridgnorth Football Ground) and owned by the Town Council.  The decision will see the introduction of 13 trees to the area as well as some new hedging.

The idea was suggested by a group of volunteers called Tree Town who got together during the pandemic, with the ultimate objective of trying to make our uniquely wonderful town even more special, as well as being sustainable & affordable from an on-going maintenance perspective.  The Town Council’s Green Spaces Working Group considered the proposal that was suggested and, subject to a few minor amendments recommended that the Town Council approve the plan.

The Council was told that all trees, guards and sundries will be funded by Tree Town and that a community tree planting event managed by the charity ‘Possible’ can take place in the winter (with relevant insurance being in place).

Planting of the trees will take place between late Autumn and early Spring.

Councillor Karen Sawbridge, the Deputy Mayor said that

“Although Crown Meadow has traditionally been left as ‘open space’, the addition of 13 trees in the areas proposed by Tree Town will not prevent the many sporting activities which are welcomed and which will still be possible to take place.  Rather, it will enable many more of our residents and visitors to spend time, relaxing and sheltering under the trees.  The introduction of the hedge should assist the tennis club in not losing so many of their balls too, whilst also adding a new dimension to the area.

I am delighted the Town Council have been able to approve this scheme, which will make the area more attractive, whilst also being better for the environment.  It’s rather fitting that the tree planting will take place just shortly before Queens Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee“.

Councillor Luke Neal whose daughter Lara set up Tree Town said “During Lockdown 1 Lara Neal (9) had to do a geography project as part of her home schooling. She decided that she wanted to do something about Climate Change and thought that planting trees to provide shade in hot summers and catch rain in storms would be a good place to start. Her and her dad went out and looked at good places to plant trees, the right tree in the right place!

She realised that the Crown Meadow park was too hot to play in during heatwaves and drew up a plan for tree planting that would cast shade and improve the park without getting in the way of football that she loves to play.

She contacted the Mayor (Kirstie Hurst-Knight), secured funding from the local branch of the Wildlife Trust and raised money with the charity ‘Possible’ to pay for the trees and organise a community tree planting day so that everyone could take ownership of their own local trees. She then sought permission to plant the trees on Town Council managed land in the Crown Meadow.

She has already planted 5 trees at her school, St Johns Primary, and hope to do many more!”