We are pleased to announce the winners of the Scarecrow Competition which was judged on Wednesday 11th August!

In 1st place, the Wizard of Oz by Jane Seymour and Grandchildren on Linley View Drive.

Wizard Of Oz

In joint 2nd place, are Warrant Officer Swin by Verena Swinnerton on Spinners Court and Brownie Campfire by Liz Thomas on Washbrook Road.

Verena Swinnertong Wo SwinBrownie Campfire


And in 3rd place, is Scary Poppins by Nina, Millie and Rosie Burt on Merton Terrace, Oldbury.

Scary Poppins Scarecrow

A huge thanks to everyone who took part! We have loved seeing how creative our residents are and hope you are able to spot them on a walk around town.

Here is a complete list of all the other fantastic entries!