“Today I have had a very fruitful meeting with Police Inspector Nikki Roberts and members of the Bridgnorth Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team.


Having received a number of comments from members of the public in recent weeks, I was grateful that Inspector Roberts and some of her team were able to discuss a number of issues with me and for me to pass on comments made by residents. Inspector Roberts provided me with an update on some of their activities, crime trends, recent successes and challenges they face.

They continue to work hard to tackle crime in and around Bridgnorth and appear to be responding appropriately to incidents that are reported to them.

Inspector Roberts acknowledge that at times they have to prioritise matters. Much of their work goes unnoticed but that doesn’t mean results are not being achieved.

I left the meeting having every confidence in our local policing team; they are aware of the issues in the town, they care, they are community spirited and they are committed to tackling criminal activity.

If you report an incident I am sure that they will take appropriate action.

I hope to be able to meet with Inspector Roberts again in the near future and build on such a positive first meeting in my role as Town Mayor.”

Councillor Kirstie Hurst-Knight
Town Mayor