Following the recent lifting of some restrictions on the lockdown coupled with the wonderful weather the Mayor of Bridgnorth, Councillor Kirstie Hurst-Knight has asked residents to be careful along the riverbank and considerate of those homes that neighbour parks and other open spaces when outside enjoying yourself.

The comments come after another scorching weekend and large crowds visiting our open spaces.

We have been made aware that people are swimming in the river when it is advisable not to do so and we have had numerous incidents reported to us about late night disturbances and small scale fires.

Town Mayor Councillor Hurst-Knight says:

“I appreciate that the opportunity to have a bit more freedom as a result of the changes to lockdown is being taken by many.  Who can blame them? We have been asked to stay at home for a long up until now and the weather has been wonderful.

I would however ask people to not be reckless with their own or other’s safety.  Swimming in the river can be dangerous, even with the apparent low water levels.  Our emergency services are stretched at the moment and if we can reduce the need for them to attend avoidable situations then that can only be a good thing.  With such dry conditions the lighting of barbecue’s and fires in public areas is advised against.

I note that there have been a number of reports of anti-social behaviour in and around the Town in recent days.   While there is a need for people let some steam off and take advantage of the opportunities to meet others in public and open spaces it is not fair that those whose homes are close to such places (Severn Park, Crown Meadow etc.) suffer from disturbances late on and into the evening.

In these difficult times when so many of us have foregone our usual way of life can I ask that; we all try and think about our actions and how they impact others and on the other hand that we all show a little tolerance to those who might unintentionally provoke us.

Deputy Town Mayor Councillor Sarah Barlow says:

“I just want people to be safe and considerate, the river poses a threat all year round, there is still an undercurrent that can put you in difficulty and the river is still full of debris from the flooding earlier in the year.

I know that many people are using our parks and open spaces.  I am glad that we live in a Town where such opportunities are readily available but I am concerned that many people are leaving rubbish behind for either others to clear up or for it to end up in the river or hedgerows.


With regard to anti-social behaviour I am grateful that the Town Council have an effective dialogue with the local police so that we can share with them our concerns and incidents reported to us. As a council we are working with the Emergency Services and local schools to help provide a safer community for all.