In light of many events being cancelled due to Covid-19, residents of Bridgnorth are invited to take part in a Scarecrow Competition; making a scarecrow using materials from home on a theme of your choice.

*The scarecrow is put in your front garden to allow other people to enjoy them on a walk and to spot as many as they can.
*To enter, please email a photograph of your scarecrow to [email protected]
*Judging to take place on Monday 10th August, by members of the Events Working Party.
*Winners announced on Wednesday 12th August.
*Prizes 1st – £50
2nd – £25
3rd – £15
* A second category is available for people who might not have a garden. Where that is the case, you may submit a picture or similar piece of art work of a scarecrow to display in a window.
*Prizes 1st – £20
2nd – £10
3rd – £5

Please confirm if your photographs and names can be displayed on our website and Facebook pages when submitting your entries.

Good luck and have fun!