Bridgnorth Town Council has collated the following information for services and support available during the Coronavirus outbreak:

Community Support Groups

  • Bridgnorth Covid-19 Mutual Aid – This is a community organising Facebook page, run by volunteers, to support the most vulnerable and isolated in our community during the Covid-19 outbreak. The idea is to co-ordinate so that they can help those who are self-isolating with errands, groceries, friendly phone calls, etc. If you need support or are looking to offer support, please visit www.facebook.com/groups/bridgnorthmutualaid where you can complete an online form.
    They can also be emailed on [email protected] or contacted by phone on 01746 802091.
  • Reverend Simon and Reverend Sarah Cawdell are offering both practical support and an opportunity for a chat or a friendly voice at the end of the phone. They can be contacted on 01746 761573.
  • Shropshire Council have formed a Community Reassurance Team for the Bridgnorth locality. This aims to match people who are approaching the council for support, to relevant volunteers who are based within the location of the individual. Residents are being asked to use the Helpline if they have any coronavirus-related issues or enquiries. The Helpline is 0345 678 9028, and is available from 8am to 6pm weekdays, and 9am to 1pm Saturdays. Each caller will be asked to explain their need and, if required, this information will be passed on to a Community Reassurance Team.
    The council’s new Helpline cannot provide coronavirus health advice or other health advice, and you will be directed to go onto NHS 111 online, as per Public Health England / Government advice, if this is what is needed. Further information can be found by using the following link https://www.shropshire.gov.uk/coronavirus/

Covid 19 Contact List Apr20 R1

Advice from Trading Standards

Trading Standards have also released some advice to keep safe when making online purchases, door to door visitors offering services and phone/email services. The document can be viewed here