The Town Council has been approached by a small number of residents who been out litter picking and gathering up discarded items of rubbish around town as part of their daily exercise routine, to ask how they might dispose of their bagged rubbish and other items.

The Town Council would firstly like to reassure residents that litter picking and waste bin emptying of all Town Council owned properties is still being carried out albeit with somewhat depleted work force. We would also like to point out that due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and social distancing and the need to temporally restructure our teams, that we do not currently have the resources to take on the added responsibility of managing an organised litter pick. That said, if residents are continuing to carry out this function of their own free will and abiding by the governments social distancing policies and only going out once a day as part of their daily exercise routine, then we at the Town Council and Shropshire Council will arrange to collect your rubbish so long as you follow the guidelines and precautions listed below:

  • All litter is bagged and tied and any items too big to bag are placed loose next to a bag collection area.
  • Shropshire Council has agreed to collect bagged and associated items if they are placed next to rubbish bins in any of the Shropshire Council owned car parks in town; Severn Street, Innage Lane, Sainsbury’s and Listley Street.
  • Shropshire Council should be informed of the number of bags or bulky items of litter left at each collection point by calling Shropshire Council Street Scene using contact number 0345 678 9006.
  • Any items collected on Severn Park can be left at the bin area on the stone car park, although we strongly advise that no one should be collecting rubbish close to the River Severn. Debris washed down from recent flooding should be left in place until our specially trained labour force can deal with it.
  • Protective gloves should be worn at all times and litter should only be collected using a suitably designed litter pickers.
  • Drug paraphernalia and in particular, hypodermic needles should be left where they are and inform Shropshire Council of the exact location.

As a final word of precaution, we cannot reiterate enough the dangers of the River Severn and also the likelihood of contracting a serious disease should you come into direct contact with contaminated wastes and so suitable strong footwear, protective gloves and litter pickers should be the bear minimum for your own safety.