The Government has told us very clearly that we should stay at home as far as possible and stay at least 2 metres apart. Bridgnorth Town Council entirely support that advice and for this reason early last week closed Castle Hall, the Town Hall (apart from a few small weddings) and Low Town Community Hall.

Therefore it was most regrettable that very many people appear to be ignoring clear advice and continuing to congregate in large numbers and in close proximity as was clearly demonstrated on Saturday in our High St.

The Council strongly urge everyone to heed this sensible advice. Stay at home. Keep 2 metres apart. Wash your hands carefully and frequently. That way we have a good chance of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

We are considering the situation of the town centre Friday and Saturday markets and will make a swift decision on those stalls we control. We are asking other stall space owners to consider their position.

We are also considering the closure of Castle Grounds and Severn Park. We are monitoring these carefully and if we observe that advice is not being followed we will not hesitate to act.

We make no apology for repeating the message to our residents and to visitors, which could not be clearer – heed Government advice, stay at home as far as possible, stay 2 metres apart, wash your hands.

Please everyone, STAY SAFE and keep others safe too.