Bridgnorth Severn Valley Railway Footbridge is closed for up to five weeks from Monday 3 February 2020, to enable permanent repairs to be undertaken to replace the holding down bolt anchorages that failed in January 2018 on the station side abutment.

A temporary repair was carried out in early 2018 which allowed the footbridge to remain open to ensure minimal disruption to the Severn Valley Railway tourist attraction and surrounding businesses until permanent repairs were programmed.

The footbridge, which carries pedestrians from New Road to the Severn Valley rail station, must be closed while the works are carried out, so that temporary counterweights can be placed on the bridge, to ensure the footbridge remains stable during construction works to replace the damaged holding down bolts.

During the closure, alternative pedestrian routes will be signed to the Severn Valley Railway car park on the B4373 Hollybush Road, when the station is in use.

The works are being undertaken by R&C Williams, with supervision provided by term consultant WSP.

Source: Shropshire Council https://newsroom.shropshire.gov.uk/2020/02/bridgnorth-severn-valley-footbridge/