At a meeting of Bridgnorth Town Council, Councillors were informed of the plan to upgrade the street lights maintained by Bridgnorth Town Council to LED technology.

The plan seeks to the 250 lights upgraded in 2 phases between Sep and next March.  While the Council agreed the funding for the project back in June, the contract had to be finalised and an implementation plan worked out.

The first phase of some 120 new lights is planned to begin in September and should be completed by the end of October.  A second and final phase is scheduled to be completed in February / March next year.

Town Clerk Lee Jakeman said:

“The Council have been committed to upgrading the street lighting for some time.  Fortunately some savings from last year’s budget has meant that the Town Council could take up the project which will cost up to £40K without having to borrow the money.  The £40k investment will likely see energy costs on street lighting reduce by around 50% each year; that would currently be a saving of nearly £5000 per annum.

Residents will notice a change in the light provided.  The LED lighting is a whiter light than the many of the current lanterns, many of which have an orange tinge to them.

Not all street lights are the responsibility of the Town Council; Shropshire Council maintains many and these are not being affected by the project.

The Council’s project seeks to address 2 concerns by reducing cost and energy use which impacts the environment.