At the Town Council meeting held on 18th June 2019, Bridgnorth Town Council considered a draft motion concerning climate change. Members resolved:

i. That Bridgnorth Town Council recognises a climate emergency.

ii. To aim for its own operations to become carbon neutral by 2030, including meaningful offsets.


iii. That an advisory group be created (in line with an offer made by Sustainable Bridgnorth to provide advice, support and recommendations) that can report formally to the Town Council on how the Town Council might best proceed to reduce and measure any reduction in its (net) carbon footprint (Town Clerk to arrange for some appropriate terms of reference to be drawn up). Once a process had been identified a regular report (most likely annually) should be provided to the Town Council.


iv. In the meantime (The Council) to be mindful of carbon emissions (with the aim of reducing them) in carrying out its routine or any new business.