Please see statement below from the Chairman of the Events & Christmas Committee, Councillor Sarah Barlow.

“While the events committee was scheduled to meet yesterday and discuss the Carnival,  I regret that it was unable to do so due to a number of unforeseen circumstances. I have however, spoken with the officers of the Council to see how the Town Council might reschedule the Carnival which was cancelled last weekend.

I have taken the opportunity to discuss at length with officers of the Council what might reasonably be done and how we can move forward in a positive way.

Initial discussions suggest that it is unreasonable to expect the carnival to be rescheduled before the end of August.

However, it appears much more plausible to reschedule a scaled down version of the event specifically to include the main Carnival procession, with a possible route change that ends in the High Street.

One of my greatest concerns at this time is the need to allow those young people who were nominated as Carnival Royalty their moment in the limelight. I have also been saddened to hear about the many people taking part in the procession who worry that all their hard work will go to waste.

I have asked the officers of the Council to contact participants to seek their views on potential dates; mid to late September (15th or 22nd) seems the most likely to me at this stage. There is no point in organising an event if no one can attend but I’m hoping that residents of the town will see these suggestions as a positive move. All dates have their difficulties, some more than others. Many hands make light work and if there are members of the local community who think they might be willing to help out, then we will be very appreciative. I am sure that together we can overcome any obstacles.

Local residents of course will have a view as will High Street traders and we will need to take into consideration all valid viewpoints.

The next meeting of the events committee is on 4th July. I hope that we can have some more detail at that point in order that we can come to a firm decision on the way forward.”

Bridgnorth Town Carnival