This weekend’s Bridgnorth Carnival Postponed

It is with much regret that Bridgnorth Town Council has decided to postpone the Bridgnorth Carnival scheduled for Sunday 23rd June due to the extremely high levels of rainfall over the past week, combined with the likelihood of more rain in the week ahead and the high river level.

The land where the carnival procession terminates (Severn Park) and where the attractions are sited is adjacent to the river Severn.  Much of the adjoining land which is used for parking is currently underwater and cannot be utilised.

Where the land appears to be dry the water table is high.  It is extremely likely that the large vehicles associated with the fairground rides and other attractions will do some considerable damage to the ground.  Furthermore, the Stall holders will each arrive in vehicles, many with trailers, and they will add to the weight of traffic that has potential to churn up the ground.

While the situation might improve more than anticipated over the course of the next few days, it was felt that coming to an early decision would be the right thing to do for traders, participants and entertainment providers.

The Town Clerk advises that a meeting of the Town Council Events Committee will need to be held before the end of next week to see if a suitable new date could be identified.

I appreciate that many people will have put much effort into preparing for the Carnival and will be disappointed but trust that they will understand the reasons.