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Does Your Charity Want a Free Statue on the Art Trail to Promote their Work?

Posted Monday December 17th, 2018, 3:59 pm

Following the success of the first 12 statues in the "Catch-me-who-can" Art Trail, organisers have now bid for a grant to pay for a further five statues.

The idea is that, instead of seeking sponsorship from businesses (£2,000 each), a grant of £17,000 from the Shropshire LEADER funding (to support rural tourism and businesses) will fund the additional statues.

Our outline application has been successful and we are now invited to full application – but to succeed we need letters of endorsement from those involved.

We would like to open the opportunity up to local worthy charities and community groups in Bridgnorth.

If your charity or community group is selected, you would get a free statue and would work with a local artist to commission the design you want, to promote your organisation.

There are obviously lots of very worthy causes in Bridgnorth, many of which have been suggested as obvious beneficiaries.  But we would like a fair and transparent selection process.  So we would encourage as many as possible to express an interest.

Cllr Julia Buckley, Chair of the Bridgnorth Art Trail said, “We are so lucky to have been successful with our outline funding application.  To get past the final panel of judges we need to identify five local charities who would like to have a free statue, designed by a local artist, to promote their organisation.  It's such a lovely opportunity for some very worthy causes – and we would love to hear from local community groups and charities who are interested in joining our community project.  Just to be clear – there is no sponsorship cost required, only hard work and lots of job satisfaction!”

If you think your local organisation could benefit please send a brief email to: [email protected] or a letter to Cllr Julia Buckley, c/o: Bridgnorth Town Council, 4 St. Leonard's Close, Bridgnorth, WV16 4EJ,

The deadline for responses is 10th January 2019, as the Art Trail working group volunteers hope to reach a decision by 15th January.