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Together at Christmas – 25th December

Posted Friday November 30th, 2018, 9:10 am

A group of volunteers from Bridgnorth are once again going to be running their Together at Christmas event on Christmas Day.

The event provides a free full-blown Christmas meal with all the trimmings for people who, for whatever reason, do not not wish to spend Christmas Day at home on their own. This might be singletons, couples or family units, one-parent families, the recently bereaved, people who find themselves isolated or in straitened circumstances. Building on the success of last year’s event, which catered for around 130 people, organisers want to make the event even better so that no one needs to be alone on Christmas Day.

Organiser Derek Bartlett commented on last year’s event by saying, “The event was a great success. The Castle Hall proved to be an excellent venue, especially with the festive decorations prepared on Christmas Eve by the many volunteers.”

Around 300 people were involved in making Together at Christmas happen. “That’s a lot of caring people,” said Mr Bartlett, “it’s great that a genuine community spirit exists in Bridgnorth. Amazing!”

All the guests are given a box of biscuits as a gift. These biscuits are generously donated by members of the public and help to contribute to the specialness of the day.

The group, made up from local people and churches will make sure guests can get to and from the venue easily, offering lifts where appropriate. They can also talk to guests before the day to explain what will happen on the day, so that guests are comfortable with it and at ease about coming to the event.

One guest from last year’s event wrote to the organisers, “It was the first time that Mum and I had been to Together at Christmas, my Mum is in a wheelchair and I am her full time carer, and we really enjoyed ourselves, it was a fantastic event, we made friends with people we did not know, and Mum was not ignored for being in a wheelchair and made a new friend, we would like to thank all the volunteers for a fantastic event, many many thanks, hope to see you next year, have a great New Year, God Bless you all.”

If you would like to help out this year then please get in touch, but the most important thing is to find the people who would most benefit from this event and so we would ask people to help us spread the word.

For further information, or to make contact please call or text Derek 07582 754463, or call in to Number Seven, West Castle Street Bridgnorth – (the building next door to Bridgnorth Baptist Church).