The Shropshire’s Great Outdoors 2018-28 strategy has been published for public consultation:


 What are we consulting on?

 Shropshire’s Great Outdoors 2018-28 sets out the strategic direction for the management and development of publicly accessible greenspace, Rights of Way and other access in the Unitary Authority area of Shropshire, aiming to inspire action to improve health, prosperity and happiness by cherishing Shropshire’s Great Outdoors. The strategy fulfils the statutory requirement of a Rights of Way Improvement Plan but broadens this remit to deliver across multiple policy areas and integrate activity across Local Authority services and partner organisations.

This is a draft strategy, developed in partnership with a range of key organisations and users and informed by data analysis and research.

Why are we consulting?

The public sector has seen significant change since the first Countryside Access Strategy (Rights of Way Improvement Plan) was produced in 2008; in particular, the current economic climate and associated budget pressures, economic growth aspirations aiming to significantly increase the population and business base of Shropshire and the growing need for outdoor recreation for health and wellbeing. This is having an impact on the voluntary sector and there is now even greater need to have a clear, evidence-based, and prioritised plan to target limited resources whilst giving the greatest public benefit. A new approach is needed, delivering across multiple policy areas and integrating activity across Local Authority Services and partner organisations.

We want to ensure that this strategy is going to meet the needs of those people who use the publicly owned outdoor assets and the wider population and would welcome your views.


This consultation will be open for 3 months until 31st July 2018. Comments will then be analysed and changes made as necessary. The final draft strategy will be presented to Shropshire Council Cabinet in September before being launched in the autumn.