2 AED’s – Defibrillators

 A couple of years ago the LJC funded AED’s in the Bridgnorth LJC area with a great deal of take up and success. Unfortunately one parish council is not continuing with the AED’s for various reasons.  Therefore the two AED’s allocated to that parish are now available to other schemes in the Bridgnorth, Worfield, Alveley, Claverley and Brown Clee LJC area   However it must be noted that there is no funding available from the LJC to fund the redeployment of the AED’s.  I have been asked to give all organisations and groups’ information regarding the AED’s.

 Therefore I have asked Val Edwards Parish Clerk to Kemberton Parish Council to give her experience of the AED’s and Chris Phillips – Director of Heart Start – Midlands area

 Val Edwards Parish Clerk – Kemberton PC

From the Kemberton Experience the costs are as follows:


 This would be provided free of charge by WM Ambulance, just need a venue.

Equipment Costs            

 Depending on where the defib is to be located. If the location is outside a secure box is needed with an electricity supply (equivalent of that needed to power a light bulb), for protection against very low temperatures. These boxes can be very expensive – in region of £550 plus. Kemberton purchased a standard GRP electricity meter box and adapted it.  (This came out at £412.80inc vat.  including installation.) Kemberton have done the installation as frugally as possible with the box and installation done by a resident at a favourable rate.

 Cascade Phone service 

 This is needed if the service is to be run through WM Ambulance service. The calls are directed to the volunteers on a cascade basis till a volunteer who is available is found. This service is provided through Numbers Plus at a cost quoted for the current year of £118.80inc vat.  per annum.



Kemberton have recruited seven volunteers. This was felt to be adequate to serve Kemberton Parish (largish geographical area but only 200 or so electors).  Larger parishes may need more to provide cover.  Kemberton has found that the frequent extraneous calls to locations in Telford (never part of the original plan) have stretched them to very high levels of stress!

 Chris Phillips – Director of Heart Start – Midlands

Heart Start have set up over 25 PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) Sites across Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and are able to get these supplies VAT Exempt and at a cheaper price as we get this directly from the manufacturer.


As Mrs Edwards has said, an electrical cabinet can secure the AED- However, the battery cells inside the AED ARE dramatically damaged by the cold and water. Therefore, we supply the purpose built AED cabinets with a heater (for when temperatures drop below 5 degrees), a light that illuminates upon the door opening and a waterproof seal. This cabinet comes labelled in a variety of colours for £480.

They need connecting to a 240V power supply, where we normally find there are local electricians that are happy to install the cabinet for their logo to be displayed near the cabinet, or to be involved in a press release etc.

Call – Out

As Val mentioned above, the ‘Call-Out’ System approved by West Midlands Ambulance service is operated by a company called ‘Numbers PLUS’ and available at £99 a year.


Training is arranged through us to be delivered by either us or WMAS, decided by them.

Remember: The AED does not have to have volunteer responders or a callout system, it can simply be mounted to the wall in a cabinet and available for locals to access it by calling 999 if required in the area. WMAS will direct people nearby to retrieve the AED from the cabinet not just in Cardiac Arrest, but for their life threatening calls (such as chest pain or stroke) should the patient’s condition deteriorate.

We will also arrange for the AED to be put on the Computer Aided Dispatch system.

Signage is recommended at the site and costs £17.

As discussed, if no Parish Councils/Local groups in the LJC area take up the offer of the AEDs, we have an ideal location for the placement of the AED in Quatford (in the LJC area), where funds are available to immediately set the site up.

If there is anything else Phillip can assist you with, or if any organisations or groups have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Phillip on 07940284218 and 01952 373999.


 Finally if you are interested in the AED’s please can you email Tracy Johnson by Friday 13th November 2015, so we can get the AED’s redeployed ASAP. [email protected]