Bridgnorth doesn’t currently have a youth partnership, and seeing how well the established ones in Craven Arms, Broseley, Ludlow and Cleobury run, it seems as though the young people of Bridgnorth would benefit if we had one too.

The aim would be, to be a constituted partnership of agencies and groups that deliver activities for young people in the Bridgnorth area, who are interested in the needs of the young people,  to work together to improve the opportunities for them in and around Bridgnorth – this could be through sharing ideas and experiences, bidding for funding or holding events for young people.

As you may be aware, a new charity is being set up in Bridgnorth called Vision Bridgnorth: www.visionbridgnorth.org. The main aims of this group are to act as an independent voice for the community and to develop projects and initiatives for community benefit. One of its key objectives is around improving things for young people. As such, our thinking is to integrate the Youth Partnership under this organisation which will give the youth partnership an even stronger voice and greater influence.

Bridgnorth Town Council  has offered the Annex room, next to their offices, 6.30pm on Wednesday 11th February for the first meeting.

It will be an informal meeting talking about how other youth partnerships work, what they have achieved and how they are funded and then an opportunity to see how this will work best for Bridgnorth and decide what we, as a group then want the partnership to concentrate on. 

If you know anyone else who would like to join the partnership, please bring them along on the night

If you have any questions or are unable to attend but would like to be part of this in the future please contact Vicky Turner, Community Enablement Officer at Shropshire Council on [email protected]