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Petition – Community Governance Review

Posted Thursday January 17th, 2019, 2:37 pm

Bridgnorth Town Council is keen to have a review of its boundary that will consider if the current parish boundary continues to be appropriate.

There is a view that much of the recent and planned development in and around the Town might well have changed the shape of the community of Bridgnorth.  There is of course likely to be a contrary review.

The intended purpose of having a review is to; obtain those views; consider them and recommend a boundary for Bridgnorth that is relevant and appropriate.

The Town Council recently requested that Shropshire Council conduct a review.  In general terms the request for a review was rejected by Shropshire Council for ‘now not being a good time’.  A similar request in 2015 received a similar response.

Bridgnorth Town Council is asking residents to consider signing a petition that will require Shropshire Council to review the parish boundary of Bridgnorth now.

The Town Council petition will require 7.5 % of the electorate to sign the petition to prompt a review.  With a published electorate of 9,733 the petition will require 730 signatures.  Only signatures of those on the electoral roll for Bridgnorth will be considered valid signatures.

A number of councillors are trying to contact residents to obtain signatures and that will include knocking on doors.   If you have not been visited by a councillor and you wish to sign the petition then there are copies available in the Council offices at College House in St Leonard's Close.  Alternatively you can download a form on the following link, complete it and return it to the Town Council offices or we can send you a hard copy.

Community Governance Review Petition