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Local Plan Review – Site Allocations Consultation Meeting – 17th January

Posted Monday December 17th, 2018, 4:03 pm

Shropshire Council’s Planning Policy Team has launched the ‘Preferred Sites’ Consultation which will run from Thursday 29th November 2018 to Thursday 31st January 2019. During this time there will be a number of public meetings open to all, throughout the county where the Local Plan process and local development proposals will be explained and there will be the opportunity to highlight issues specific concerns and suggest alternatives to the preferred approach set out in the consultation document.   Please come along and have your say on how your community is shaped for the future.

The Bridgnorth Meeting will be held on Thursday 17th January 2019 at the Castle Hall, West Castle Street, Bridgnorth, WV16 4AB– 7:00pm start

The Preferred Sites Consultation Document outlines a housing policy direction to improve the delivery of local housing needs and establishes development guidelines and development boundaries for Shrewsbury, the Principal and Key Centres and each proposed Community Hub. It sets out the preferred sites to deliver the preferred scale and distribution of housing and employment growth during the period 2016 to 2036.

Shropshire Councillor William Parr said “The Bridgnorth presentation will be an opportunity for residents to learn more about the proposals whilst giving an opportunity at this public meeting to share any concerns and ask questions of the Shropshire Council Planning Policy Officers about the proposed sites at this site allocation consultation meeting”

Shropshire Councillor Les Winwood said “I do hope that the residents support this important event on the future of Our community and have their say “

Shropshire Councillor Christian Lea said “I would encourage local residents to come along to the meeting about the Bridgnorth Local Plan and to put their views forward regarding the proposed housing and employment sites. People will have the opportunity to suggest alternative sites, as well as letting Shropshire Council’s Planning Policy Officers know of any issues which concern them regarding any proposed development in Bridgnorth”

Whether or not you attend any of the public meetings you can comment on the proposals by following the link below and commenting on the documents on line.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Community Enablement Officer Tracy Johnson at [email protected]

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Does Your Charity Want a Free Statue on the Art Trail to Promote their Work?

Posted Monday December 17th, 2018, 3:59 pm

Following the success of the first 12 statues in the "Catch-me-who-can" Art Trail, organisers have now bid for a grant to pay for a further five statues.

The idea is that, instead of seeking sponsorship from businesses (£2,000 each), a grant of £17,000 from the Shropshire LEADER funding (to support rural tourism and businesses) will fund the additional statues.

Our outline application has been successful and we are now invited to full application – but to succeed we need letters of endorsement from those involved.

We would like to open the opportunity up to local worthy charities and community groups in Bridgnorth.

If your charity or community group is selected, you would get a free statue and would work with a local artist to commission the design you want, to promote your organisation.

There are obviously lots of very worthy causes in Bridgnorth, many of which have been suggested as obvious beneficiaries.  But we would like a fair and transparent selection process.  So we would encourage as many as possible to express an interest.

Cllr Julia Buckley, Chair of the Bridgnorth Art Trail said, “We are so lucky to have been successful with our outline funding application.  To get past the final panel of judges we need to identify five local charities who would like to have a free statue, designed by a local artist, to promote their organisation.  It's such a lovely opportunity for some very worthy causes – and we would love to hear from local community groups and charities who are interested in joining our community project.  Just to be clear – there is no sponsorship cost required, only hard work and lots of job satisfaction!”

If you think your local organisation could benefit please send a brief email to: [email protected] or a letter to Cllr Julia Buckley, c/o: Bridgnorth Town Council, 4 St. Leonard's Close, Bridgnorth, WV16 4EJ,

The deadline for responses is 10th January 2019, as the Art Trail working group volunteers hope to reach a decision by 15th January.

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Together at Christmas – 25th December

Posted Friday November 30th, 2018, 9:10 am

A group of volunteers from Bridgnorth are once again going to be running their Together at Christmas event on Christmas Day.

The event provides a free full-blown Christmas meal with all the trimmings for people who, for whatever reason, do not not wish to spend Christmas Day at home on their own. This might be singletons, couples or family units, one-parent families, the recently bereaved, people who find themselves isolated or in straitened circumstances. Building on the success of last year’s event, which catered for around 130 people, organisers want to make the event even better so that no one needs to be alone on Christmas Day.

Organiser Derek Bartlett commented on last year’s event by saying, “The event was a great success. The Castle Hall proved to be an excellent venue, especially with the festive decorations prepared on Christmas Eve by the many volunteers.”

Around 300 people were involved in making Together at Christmas happen. “That’s a lot of caring people,” said Mr Bartlett, “it’s great that a genuine community spirit exists in Bridgnorth. Amazing!”

All the guests are given a box of biscuits as a gift. These biscuits are generously donated by members of the public and help to contribute to the specialness of the day.

The group, made up from local people and churches will make sure guests can get to and from the venue easily, offering lifts where appropriate. They can also talk to guests before the day to explain what will happen on the day, so that guests are comfortable with it and at ease about coming to the event.

One guest from last year’s event wrote to the organisers, “It was the first time that Mum and I had been to Together at Christmas, my Mum is in a wheelchair and I am her full time carer, and we really enjoyed ourselves, it was a fantastic event, we made friends with people we did not know, and Mum was not ignored for being in a wheelchair and made a new friend, we would like to thank all the volunteers for a fantastic event, many many thanks, hope to see you next year, have a great New Year, God Bless you all.”

If you would like to help out this year then please get in touch, but the most important thing is to find the people who would most benefit from this event and so we would ask people to help us spread the word.

For further information, or to make contact please call or text Derek 07582 754463, or call in to Number Seven, West Castle Street Bridgnorth – (the building next door to Bridgnorth Baptist Church).



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Season Tickets for Parking on Severn Park

Posted Monday October 22nd, 2018, 2:38 pm

Twelve month parking permits available for parking on Severn Park.  These permits just need to be displayed on the windscreen of your car and if you use this park on a regular basis, this can be a cheaper and more convenient method of paying for your parking.

Parking permits charges differ for residents and non-residents of Bridgnorth.  These can be paid for by cash, cheque or by BACS to Bridgnorth Town Council.  Please note that you will need to provide proof of address in order to qualify for a resident rate.

Complete and print off the relevant attached form from the link below.  When payment has been made, the parking permit will be sent to you.

Severn Park Residents Parking Permits -2018-19

Severn Park Non Residents Parking Permits -2018-19


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Remembrance Sunday – 11th November 2018

Posted Tuesday October 16th, 2018, 11:00 am

Remembrance Sunday will follow the same format as last year and timings are as follows.

10.40 am - Meet at War Memorial, Castle Grounds

10.50 am - Service at War Memorial, Castle Grounds, in which crosses will be planted by Guides

10.55 am - Prayers

11.00 am - Two minutes silence will be observed

11.05 am - Wreaths to be laid

11.15 am - Parade to assemble

11.20 am - Parade to St Leonard’s Church – past saluting base in High St

11.30 am approx. - Service at St Leonard’s Church including sermon

This year, there will be an event in the Castle Hall to commemorate the Centenary of World War 1 where there will be refreshments and live entertainment following the Church Service in St. Leonard's Church. All are welcome.

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Emergency Road Closure – Listley Street – 16th October

Posted Tuesday October 16th, 2018, 9:08 am

We have been advised by Shropshire Council that there is to be a further Emergency Road Closure of Listley Street from 9am - 1pm today, 16th October, for two days on a 24 hour basis.

The intention of the closure is to allow contractors to erect scaffolding and associated hoarding to the elevation of New Market Buildings fronting Listley Street. From there the roof of the building can be assessed by qualified structural engineers and some minor repairs can be undertaken if required.

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Bridgnorth Catch Me Who Can Statue Trail

Posted Thursday October 11th, 2018, 5:03 pm

The popular Bridgnorth Catch Me Who Can Statue Trail has recently featured in both the Wolverhampton Magazine and Shropshire Magazine, spreading the word far and wide to bring tourists to our fantastic town. The Trail has seen visitors from all over the County and further afield and has proven popular with local residents. They hope to launch an interactive mobile app very soon!

A copy of the 3-page spread in the Wolverhampton Magazine is below:

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Town Council approached to consider selling land to Bridgnorth Rugby Club

Posted Friday September 7th, 2018, 12:21 pm

Bridgnorth Town Council has been approached by the Town’s Rugby Club to see if it would sell land that the Town Council owns that is adjacent to the Rugby Club.

Bridgnorth Town Council plans to consider the matter at its next meeting on Tuesday 18th September.  The land of interest is to the south of Bandon Lane and across that lane from the Rugby Club main and in the vicinity of the Severn Trent pumping station. The request arises out of the Rugby Club’s aspirations to build a new clubhouse and create parking for training and match days.

Town Clerk Lee Jakeman says:

I can confirm that we have been approached by the [Bridgnorth] Rugby Club who wish to purchase a piece of land that the Council owns off Bandon Lane.  The Council will meet soon discuss the proposal.  However, Town councillors are aware of their responsibility to obtain best value for the tax payer, the need to measure any community benefit that might arise from such a transaction.  The land does have some restrictive covenants on it that limit its future development.  We understand the intention is to build some form of clubhouse facility and provide additional parking.   Councillors are mindful that part of the area concerned is home to the Trevithick memorial and that piece of land would probably need to be retained by the Council to ensure its future maintenance.

Before making any decision on the merits of proceeding councillors have asked that the public have an opportunity to comment on whether the idea of considering selling the land to the Rugby Club has some merit, whether the piece of land is fine as it is or indeed, whether there is a better as yet ‘un-thought’ of use for it.  Should local residents have a view on the matter please feel free to contact one of your local councillors with your views so that they in turn can contribute informed opinion to the decision making process.


Bridgnorth Rugby Club Chairman says:

“although we are so very proud of our Club holding the coveted position of being the largest (in terms of playing numbers) community based sports club in Shropshire, this does bring along its own challenges, not least the fact that we have outgrown our existing facilities, which do not comply with RFU recommendations (in terms of volume of showers etc).  We are only eligible to apply for grant funding from the Lottery and the RFU to build a new club house, if the Club owns the land where the proposed new club house is to be erected.  Hence, our approach to the Town Council. ”

A map of the proposed area can be found here

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Mayor’s 2018/2019 Junior Sports Club Fund

Posted Wednesday August 8th, 2018, 4:27 pm

For the current Mayor’s year rather than the more usual charity events, Ron and Carol Whittle have decided to raise funds for three Junior Sports Clubs. The intention is to help develop innovative ways of encouraging more Bridgnorth children to be involved in sport.  This is in recognition that in addition to health benefits sports can be a route to lifetime friendships and better social interaction.

The three clubs will benefit from any funds raised between now and next April. All Bridgnorth junior sports clubs, including senior clubs that have a significant junior section will be invited to “bid” for the funds available and in the Spring of next year Ron and his wife Carol will short list six clubs. Council will then be invited to decide the result, with the third place receiving 20% of the fund, second place 30% and first place getting 50%. The form of bids are up to the clubs but will need to show why clubs thinks they should be awarded funds including, for example, any particular projects they want to run or special events etc. How more children will be encouraged into sport will be key.

Bids MUST be in by end of February 2019 for judging to take place in March/April. They should be sent to Bridgnorth Town Council, College House, St Leonards Close, Bridgnorth WV16 4EJ. If you have any queries please contact Ron Whittle on 07801 615880 or [email protected]

It was intended to launch the fund at an event on 31st August, but unfortunately due to a clash of dates this has been cancelled.  However look out for other fundraising events we will be running between now and April, including quiz night, curry night, Civic Ball, fashion show etc.

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Vacancy – Direct Labour Force Supervisor

Posted Tuesday August 7th, 2018, 10:57 am

Bridgnorth Town Council is looking for an experienced Supervisor to oversee the Direct Labour Force for 37 hours per week.

Job Description - DLF Supervisor

Job Specification - DLF Supervisor

Application Form - DLF Supervisor

Hard copies of the above documents are available from:
Bridgnorth Town Council, College House, 4 St. Leonard’s Close, Bridgnorth, WV16 4EJ
Telephone: 01746 762231
Email: towncler[email protected]

Closing date for completed applications is noon on Wednesday 22nd August 2018.

Interviews to be held on Friday 24th August 2018

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