Office Staff

The Town Council is administered under the leadership of the Town Clerk from the offices at College House, St Leonard’s Close in Bridgnorth. There are 7 office staff, roles include: Responsible Financial Officer, Outdoors and Property Manager, Finance Assistant, Property and Grounds Administrator, Business Administrator and Receptionist.

Direct Labour Force

There is a Direct Labour Force of 8 permanent staff , who are based at the Town Cemetery and managed by the Outdoors and Property Manager. They are responsible for grave digging, general Cemetery maintenance and caring for all the town’s play areas, parks and open spaces. This also includes the maintenance of all Town Council owned property.

Other Town Council Staff

There are two members of staff who work as Caretakers for the Castle Hall, Low town Community hall and other Town Council Buildings.


The Town Council run the CCTV in Bridgnorth.

Town Clerk

Clare Turner

Clare is the Town Clerk and has overall responsibility for the management of Town Council Services which she administers from the Town Council offices at College House in St Leonards Close (WV16 4EJ).

To contact the Town Clerk you can emailĀ [email protected] or telephone
01746 762231