In May 2017, Bridgnorth Town Council resolved to disband the the Property & Grounds Committee, Administration and General Purposes Committee, the Christmas Committee and the CCTV Committee with full Council meetings twice each month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday. This is with the exception of August, when no meetings are held and December when only one meeting will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Without being prescriptive, the first meeting each month will normally, in addition to other matters, consider matters currently dealt with by the Property & Grounds Committee, while the second meeting will prioritise financial matters.

The Planning Committee; the only remaining Committee at the time, continues to meet fortnightly on a Monday at 7.15pm in the Mayor’s Parlour, College House, St. Leonard’s Close and members of the public are welcome to sit in on the meetings throughout the public sessions.

In September 2017, Council passed a resolution to reinstate the Christmas Committee.

Planning Committee

Bridgnorth Town Council’s Planning Committee consists of six Members of Council.

This Committee considers on average 160 applications each year varying from tree works, property extensions, new builds, Listed Building Consent, replacement windows, change of use and erection of boundary walls to name but a few. The Planning Committee is currently the only Committee of the Town Council that has delegated powers, meaning they have authority to pass resolutions on all planning matters at Planning Committee meetings.  This means that they do not have to wait for their recommendation to be ratified by Town Council by means of a resolution before they are submitted to Shropshire Council, although the minutes of the meetings are still taken to Town Council for ratification.

The reason this committee was given delegated powers was because the majority of planning applications only have a 21 day consultation period from the date of validation.

This would not allow sufficient time for the Planning Committee’s recommendations to be agreed by Town Council which only meets once per month before they are submitted to Shropshire Council.

The exception to this is in relation to major projects affecting the well-being of the town which are referred back to Town Council.

There is an option within the Planning Committee agenda to include an application which has not been listed on the agenda, but is raised for consideration during the meeting if it has been received too late to be listed on the agenda but with a response required before the next meeting.  This is an exception rather than the rule and usually applies to tree applications which often only have a 14 day consultation period.

Their role is purely advisory; they have no planning powers; this lies with Shropshire Council.  The Shropshire Planning Authority takes their comments into consideration however, as well as those submitted by residents of the town and interested parties.  All planning applications submitted to Shropshire Council can be viewed on their website and comments can be submitted direct via their website.

Christmas & Events Working Party

The Christmas Committee consists of five Members of Council and four co-opted members who meet on an ad-hoc basis. In recent years, the Christmas Committee have secured sponsorship from local businesses to extend the Christmas lighting scheme in Low Town. On 13th March 2018, this committee was amalgamated with the Events Committee, who organise events such as Bridgnorth Town Carnival, Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Easter Bunny Hunt, Christmas Lighting Up Night and other Street Markets throughout the year. Further information can be found on  In 2020, the Committee reverted back to a Working Group.

Co-opted members
Rev. Preb. S Cawdell
Councillor C Lea, Shropshire Council
B Davies
V Hayward
C Sharplin
L Dams
S Themans

Other Working Parties

A small number of Working Parties have continued. These include the Local Plan Review Working Party, Severn Park Working Party, Traffic Calming Working Party, Arts Trail Working Party, Castle Hall & Town Hall Working Party, Cemetery Working Party and Community Governance Working Party.